Good Morning

Well, i say good morning as i have only just gathered the strength to get out of bed, but in reality its actually verging on 3pm so basically its the afternoon lol. Bearing in mind that i never got to bed until almost 8am  and i the fact was up at mid day to check & reply some e-mails , I suppose it isn’t that bad really.

I originally thought that with this research blog taking the place of a physical workbook i would save lots of time, as i wouldn’t be constantly reaching for the scissors or glue stick. However modern technology seems to have gotten the better of me and somehow i seem to have spent  more time figuring out how everything works than i have done research.

ah well, I’m sure everything will start falling into place fairly soon. ( fingers crossed )

Anyway, now that I’m slightly refreshed from that few hours sleep i guess its time to carry on with this research. – Deadlines don’t wait.

Bye for now



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