Diesel Kids

really liking the rawness of the diesel kids campaigns.
Urban landscapes work well with the style of this particular brand.

Diesel Kids is not merely a clothing line, it’s a lifestyle!

Kids today don’t want to be as cool as adults. They want to be cool on their own terms; active, strong-willed and free to explore a world of adventure. That’s why Diesel Kids has its own unique identity. At Diesel Kids, jeans symbolize the perfect childhood where a bit of wear and tear is not only expected, but desired – http://prelim.whitedoor.ca/hgfk/tween-girls/diesel.html/


Image source – http://www.papillonkids.co.uk/shop.php?filter=category&id=862


Image Source – http://prelim.whitedoor.ca/hgfk/tween-girls/diesel.html/



Image source – http://prelim.whitedoor.ca/hgfk/tween-girls/diesel.html/


Image Source – http://www.hristinageorgievska.com/campaigns/diesel-kids/


Image Source – http://www.hristinageorgievska.com/campaigns/diesel-kids/


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