location location location.

Trying to think of some suitable locations for this shoot.

In order for the shoot to work i need for the location to have some sort of connection with the age group of the kids and what type of hobbies they may have.

which leads me to the question, what do kids that age like to do??

on doing a bit of research  so far i’ve come to the conclusion that the following activities are suitable for the said age group.

  • going to the park / beach.
  • shopping
  • bowling
  • The zoo
  • computer games
  • listening to music
  • social networking

I need to ensure that no matter what location i use,   the following criteria is met.

  1. make sure all safety issues are addressed.
  2. the location must have good lighting.
  3. make sure there are toilet facilities & changing areas close by.

looks a bit more research needs to be done before any solid plans get made ..

until next time

syl x


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