The two Tween models that will be modelling for me next Sunday are boys of age 9 and 11 so  taking that into consideration i came to the decision that an outdoor park theme may work quite well.  With this in mind i set out to look for some nice locations and with a bit of help from a friend i was able to find the perfect place.


This park is in Blairgowrie so there’s a bit of traveling to be done but i think it will be just perfect!!.

the  colours of the skate park work quite well to compliment the urban ” Diesel kids ” style that i originally had in mind. and there are plenty of other “props” to choose from that matches the boy’s age for example the basketball ring .

I think i’ll have the boys  wearing  washed out denim jeans with long sleeved tops / jackets in bright reds or blues, i think this will emphasie the urban feel and to  complement the location. i’ll also try and source  skate boards for the shots at the skate park. as i am intending to  perhaps shoot an image of the skateboards  an image of one of the boys and  place them together as a diptych.

really looking forward to this shoot!!  fingers crossed for good weather.


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