Blah Blah Blah,

Gosh what a hectic weekend it’s been.  with deadlines looming I’ve spent a practically sleepless weekend frantically trying to finish writing my major project proposal, in between assisting a bridal shoot , re-organising  my own location shoot and planning & shooting a competition entry.

It feels like a full week has past when in reality it’s only been a few days. I’m seriously feeling physically drained.

Saturday was by far the worst as i ended up spending a whole 16 hours writing the proposal, – i even managed to “lose” my extra hours sleep that i should have gotten from the clocks going back. as I worked right through it all.  Thankfully, i managed to get things finished and the proposal has now been stamped & submitted to the college a day ahead of schedule.  this effectively gives me tomorrow morning to shoot another image for this competition deadline on Friday.

now usually after a deadline has been met and work is submitted there’s always that feel of relief and i can start to relax a little, but for some reason i seem to be more stressed now than what i was over the weekend.  After tomorrows shoot is over  hopefully i can de-stress a little and look forward to a proper nights sleep.

until next time x



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