Now that the location has been decided its time to decide on the styling.

I don’t really agree with children being styled / dressed to look older than what they really are and i believe that the shoot should emphisise the youthfulness and carefree attitude of youngsters.  Therefore any clothing that is chosen shall not be too revealing & the models will be bare faced.

Since its been quite some time since i was a teen, i thought it would be a good idea to get some ideas from the actual teens on what is stylish and trendy for their age group. this will give a more accurate outcome than if i was to style them myself.

suitable choices are,

baseball tops paired with jeans, or leggings and trainers.

Midi Dresses, teamed with trainers, (as an adult i wouldn’t have teamed a midi dress with a pair of trainers so this is where the teen advice comes in handy!! )

Jumpers,  shorts over a pair of  leggings / tights  & trainers

Leather Jackets.

based on these ideas i have decided on 2 outfits .

Baseball tops teamed with jeans and trainers

and jumpers, jeans with hats & scarfs.

I intend on shooting the baseball top outfits first as this will mean that they will end the day wearing the warmer outfits as opposed to having to remove layers.

starting to get exited again, roll on tomorrow !! ( fingers crossed )


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