Pause for thought

Interesting discussion with a friend last night. The main topic being the intentions of my next project.
Now the situation was that there’s a certain technique I wanted to try, it’s something that I’ve always wanted to experiment with and never had the chance to.
However this technique has been used by a fellow peer in a previous project and is something that this person is known for doing quite well.
Now my friends point being that if I was to base my next project on this technique, people are going to look at it and say that I have copied the idea and have no originality and perhaps even compare my work against it.
However, as much as I understood her point It got me thinking – it’s merely a technique ………. Just the same as any other technique surely it can’t be deemed as copying their style?
Just because somebody has done it does mean no one else can do it?
If that were the case then how would people learn new things ? Everything’s been done by someone somewhere.
If someone shoots high key on a plain white background does that mean no one else can do it ?
Photographers use the same skills & techniques constantly yet they still produce some very different styles of images.
So what does one do ?
Not give a #%%# and Risk being thought of as un-original / copying and compared to the previous person ?
Or not bother with it and think of something else?


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