Finished Results

And here are the final Images

After a lot of careful consideration I’ve managed to narrow it down to the following 4 Layout/combinations-

  • A


  • B

Blog B

  • C


  • D


Ideally i’d love to be able to use all four, however unfortunately I can only submit 3, and since B & C are Very similar  it makes sense to drop one of those.

Out of both  of these sets i think that C is the stronger  image so my final decision for submission is A, C & D

Overall this has been  a fun project albeit  slightly stressful at the best of times lol.

despite all the setbacks I feel that I have managed to achieve   the carefree, fun loving  attitude of the  youngsters that i set out to do using  the more  urban city life and angled view points  that Diesel kids campaigns portray in the sample images below.


Image sources –



Now to fire on with project 3…

Syl x


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