Test Shoot

Overall I think the test shoot worked well, and it’s helped me to identify areas that I need to take note of  for when I come to do the actual shoot.

bloggaImage © Sylvia Shek

For this Image I think the model was placed slightly too close to the background therefore there was still a slight light spillage affecting the blacks.  Pulling back the shadows and the blacks in camera raw helped slightly but the best way around this issue is to make sure the model is far enough away from the background.

blogbImage © Sylvia Shek

With this image the model ends up at the side of the frame. this is mainly due to the fact that the shutter fires at the end of the exposure, therefore when the model moves  it is vital that they dont move too far and end up outside of the frame.

blogccImage © Sylvia Shek

In this image the models hair and shoulder is blending into the shadows too much and there is not much definition in the head area of the motion blur making it appear headless.   It is important that the blur looks just as aesthetically pleasing as the main image does. A good way round this problem is to shoot lots of motion burr frames so that they may be used during post production to be merged into other frames to create  more pleasing aesthetics.

bloggdImage © Sylvia Shek

Once again the models shoulders and hair is disappearing into the blacks. a way round this would be to either introduce another light source high up behind the model shining downwards, this would bring out highlights over the shoulders and hair creating more definition.  Another way could be to shoot the model separately and blend in with previously captured motion blur during post production.

For the next shoot I will add the additional light source . also when styling the model i will aim to use lighter / bright colours as opposed to darks / blacks these measures will help reduce the likely hood of the clothing blending into the shadows.


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