Haven’t posted in a while,  so thought I’d take a quick few mins to give a little update on whats been happening!!.

well first things first.

Project 3 has been shot and I’m currently in the process of editing the images.  I’m happy to say that the shoot went well and I’m fairly  happy with the results. However as  always with trying new techniques  there’s always room for improvement and i think this is a technique that i will continue to develop and improve on.

I’ve also been rather busy working on ideas for the major project unit  and some competition entries whilst at the same time gathering research for the accompanying workbooks (accompanying?….is that even a real word???… sounds and looks so weird… haaha maybe i need my bed?? )

Over the next few weeks  i will  also be working on a critical studies essay. (yup, this photography malarkey isn’t just about taking pretty pictures you know!! )   Anyway for research purposes I’ve added another tab  aptly named “critical studies research”  This enables me to put any research i have found all in one handy little place.    Now word of warning here, this tab  may end up being highly informative and  inspirational to some people. yet tediously boring  and soul destroying to others.    I’m guessing, for me  it will probably be a mixture of both lol.  but this is something that i need to have in order for me to pass the unit AND it will make writing the actual essay a whole lot easier ( i hope) so, it needs to be done.  I intend to structure this tab differently from previous ones and will have it as one continuous post as opposed to having individual posts so that it will make it easier to find relevant information.

aaaaand thats it i think!! not very exiting I’m afraid,  There really is no rest for the wicked.

Until next time,

Syl x


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