One of the main problems with this technique is the inconsistency in the outcome of each shot. There were shots where the model looks good in the frame but there is lack of motion blur or the blur does not look attractive. (fig1)


There are shots where the blur looks  good but the model is captured in a less attractive position / angle, (fig2)



and there were  shots where the model would be caught at the edge of the frame or fall out of the frame completely. (fig3)


occasionally it was necessary to repeat the same actions and movements constantly until we got the shot needed,  Communication between the  model and myself was a very important factor as timing  was crucial to ensure that the model made enough movements and ended up in the final position at the right time for the flash to go off. it also helped in working out  what actions and movements would create a more attractive blur.

during the shoot i  was careful to make sure i also has some  shots taken without flash to enable me to capture only the blurred movement. this was so that i could use them in post production to composite into frames which lacked blur.

(All Images  © sylvia shek – all rights reserved)

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