LPA Student Challenges – Challenge No 3

The challenge ;

Submit a folio of 10 images along with a 50 word description on why you are the one to watch

The reason i chose the following 10 images was because i feel that they represent my style the best.

I wanted to show off a range of conceptual ideas and creative and techniques whilst at the same time making sure that the combined 10 images worked well next to each other

Image selection:

Image 1. – Insanity

Shutter drag with a rear curtain sync flash

Sylvia Shek 1.

The idea behind this shot  was to create an an image for an advertising campaign about mental illnesses.  i wanted to create a feeling of insanity. with the shutter drag effect i was able to create the effect of the 2 heads mixing into one which i felt portrayed the term insanity quite well.

Image 2. – Dark Angel

Sylvia Shek 2.

With this shot the idea was to create a predominately dark image with the theme dark angel, this is the 4th image in a series titled  “fallen angel”

Image 3. – broken Wings

Sylvia Shek 3.

This is the 2nd image in the ‘Fallen angel’ series.

Image 4. – Floating

Sylvia Shek 4.

for this shot i wanted to create an image  that was predominately white. this image is a composite of 5 separate images

Image 5. – Ripped paper

Sylvia Shek 5.for this image i wanted to cross the boundaries of art and photography and mix illustrations and mixed media with photographs

Image 6 – Light painting

Sylvia Shek 6.

for this image i used a light painting technique to illuminate the model creating an eeirie futuristic effect

Image 7. – Take me home

Sylvia Shek 7.

this is the 3rd image in the fallen angel seriese The idea behind this image was  an an angel had lost her wings and was attempting to use helium balloons  in order to help her return to heaven

Image 8. – Futuristic

Sylvia Shek 8.

The idea behind this shot was to create an image suitable for fictional sci fi book cover

Image 9. – Crossed Processs

Sylvia Shek 9.

This shot was taken to advertise an alternative fashion brand, i used a crossed processing effect to emphasise the alternative grungy appearance.

Image 10. – Shutter drag with a rear curtain sync flash

Sylvia Shek 10.

for this shot i used a shutter drag to capture movement and create a ghostly effect

All Images © Sylvia Shek  All Rights Reserved

50 words description on why I am the one to watch:

Images I produce are eye catching and thought provoking allowing me the opportunity to explore my creativity and imagination.
by using a wide range of creative techniques and mixing conceptual ideas with mixed mediums,  I constantly strive  to develop a unique individuality which crosses the boundaries of art and photography


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