Bipp Award

The Bipp Student Awards (scottish region)  is an annual awards ceremony held by the British institute of professional Photographers.

the student awards consist of the following categories

a) Social & Portraiture

b) Advertising & fashion

c) Photojournalism

d) Open – anything not covered by the previous 3 categories




Here are a selection of  my choices for entry to the Bipp awards.



Sylvia Shek 5.

This image would be intended for submission into the Open category.

I think it will make a good choice for submission as it shows creativity and originality.

This Image consists of a range of mixed media and photo editing techniques combined together to create the final Image,




Sylvia Shek 2.

This image is intended for the social / portraiture category.

The reason i have chosen this Image is because  Vogue Italia has selected it to be published on their website

The idea for this image was to create a predominately dark image with the theme dark angel, this is the 4th image in a series titled “fallen angel” the image has a strong narrative and aesthetically i feel is technically strong.





This Image was inspired by the the concept of ‘the Undead’ .. i chose this image because i feel that the contrast between the light textured background and the gothic grudge like figure works well together.

if submitted i think it would fit into the social / portraiture category.




The concept behind this image was the idea of insanity / out of body experiences.   by using a shutter drag technique i created what looks to be like an out of body experience .

this Image would be submitted into the social / portraiture  category.



Sylvia Shek 8.

This image was influence by a futuristic sci fi concept . i think this would be suitable for the social and portraiture section.



Sylvia Shek 3.

The is image is the 1st image in a series titled “fallen angel”  the concept of the shoot was about  An angel who lost her wings after being banished from the heavens,



my final choice for Submission is image no 2 as i feel that it is the stingiest of them all and carries the best aethstetics,





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