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Haven’t posted in a while,  so thought I’d take a quick few mins to give a little update on whats been happening!!.

well first things first.

Project 3 has been shot and I’m currently in the process of editing the images.  I’m happy to say that the shoot went well and I’m fairly  happy with the results. However as  always with trying new techniques  there’s always room for improvement and i think this is a technique that i will continue to develop and improve on.

I’ve also been rather busy working on ideas for the major project unit  and some competition entries whilst at the same time gathering research for the accompanying workbooks (accompanying?….is that even a real word???… sounds and looks so weird… haaha maybe i need my bed?? )

Over the next few weeks  i will  also be working on a critical studies essay. (yup, this photography malarkey isn’t just about taking pretty pictures you know!! )   Anyway for research purposes I’ve added another tab  aptly named “critical studies research”  This enables me to put any research i have found all in one handy little place.    Now word of warning here, this tab  may end up being highly informative and  inspirational to some people. yet tediously boring  and soul destroying to others.    I’m guessing, for me  it will probably be a mixture of both lol.  but this is something that i need to have in order for me to pass the unit AND it will make writing the actual essay a whole lot easier ( i hope) so, it needs to be done.  I intend to structure this tab differently from previous ones and will have it as one continuous post as opposed to having individual posts so that it will make it easier to find relevant information.

aaaaand thats it i think!! not very exiting I’m afraid,  There really is no rest for the wicked.

Until next time,

Syl x


New Born Shoot

I’ve been asked to do a new born shoot at the end of the month.

However, I haven’t actually haven’t done these kind of shoots before & I was a bit wary about taking on the job, but after explaining this to the parents that they still wanted me to go ahead with the shoot.

Growing up i was a massive fan of Anne Geddes and collected lots of her Images.  i’d  never Imagined that one day i’d become a photographer myself and have the chance to do something similar, so i’m mega exited to be given the opportunity to do this shoot.

but as exited as i may be, I’m also very scared and nervous. i’ll need to do a LOT of research and preparation.

So, seeing as i will being doing so much research into this, i thought it makes sense to document the progress.

Therefore i’ve added an extra category  titled “Newborn” where i will add all my research and other relevant bits and pieces and perhaps if things go well i can merge it into one of the 1-5 project categories once its completed.

busy times ahead but it’s gona be worth it i’m sure =]

Until next time

Syl x

Blah blah blah

Had a long hard think about things and have decided to go ahead with the idea i had in mind,

Realised that people are always going to talk  and always going to compare, I can’t let that get in the way of doing what I want to do, can I ? I mean, at the end of the day i’m here to learn. I want to get to know new techniques and develop my skills further.  so that is what i’m going to do.


until next time

Syl x


Pause for thought

Interesting discussion with a friend last night. The main topic being the intentions of my next project.
Now the situation was that there’s a certain technique I wanted to try, it’s something that I’ve always wanted to experiment with and never had the chance to.
However this technique has been used by a fellow peer in a previous project and is something that this person is known for doing quite well.
Now my friends point being that if I was to base my next project on this technique, people are going to look at it and say that I have copied the idea and have no originality and perhaps even compare my work against it.
However, as much as I understood her point It got me thinking – it’s merely a technique ………. Just the same as any other technique surely it can’t be deemed as copying their style?
Just because somebody has done it does mean no one else can do it?
If that were the case then how would people learn new things ? Everything’s been done by someone somewhere.
If someone shoots high key on a plain white background does that mean no one else can do it ?
Photographers use the same skills & techniques constantly yet they still produce some very different styles of images.
So what does one do ?
Not give a #%%# and Risk being thought of as un-original / copying and compared to the previous person ?
Or not bother with it and think of something else?

Blah Blah Blah,

Gosh what a hectic weekend it’s been.  with deadlines looming I’ve spent a practically sleepless weekend frantically trying to finish writing my major project proposal, in between assisting a bridal shoot , re-organising  my own location shoot and planning & shooting a competition entry.

It feels like a full week has past when in reality it’s only been a few days. I’m seriously feeling physically drained.

Saturday was by far the worst as i ended up spending a whole 16 hours writing the proposal, – i even managed to “lose” my extra hours sleep that i should have gotten from the clocks going back. as I worked right through it all.  Thankfully, i managed to get things finished and the proposal has now been stamped & submitted to the college a day ahead of schedule.  this effectively gives me tomorrow morning to shoot another image for this competition deadline on Friday.

now usually after a deadline has been met and work is submitted there’s always that feel of relief and i can start to relax a little, but for some reason i seem to be more stressed now than what i was over the weekend.  After tomorrows shoot is over  hopefully i can de-stress a little and look forward to a proper nights sleep.

until next time x


Blah Blah Blah

I’ve been quite busy recently and not  really had much time to update you all on whats been happening.

So today i finally managed to catch some free time and spent the  evening updating the blog with all the  previously unpublished posts that I’d had to set aside.

The project has been coming along quite nicely and I’m happy to announce that prior to this post the Final Images have just been completed.

As exited as i may be to share with you all the final Images. unfortunately I’ll need to refrain from uploading them until after submission on Wednesday!!…

watch this space

Syl x


Finally! The long awaited Issue5 of Hunger magazine is here.
Happy days !!!


For those of you that don’t know,  Hunger is a biannual magazine from photographer and publisher, Rankin. and is one of my all time favorite magazines!… I’m actually obsessed with collecting them.

Although I must admit, I’m slightly disappointed with this issue as it  seems to have shrunk in size & in addition to that,  it’s gotten more expensive too …
Despite that tho, it’s still packed full of amazing stuff.

Hoping they’ll still bring out the limited edition hardback so I can add it to my collection.

Oh well, time for me to make a cuppa & go chill with my magazine.

bye for now!!

Syl x