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Ordered up these adorably cute outfits for the shoot.
Hoping they will arrive in time =)



Tips and Tricks

Example set up;




howtoposenewborns011Images sourced from –

This setup is simple & effective  and can be easily set up anywhere, In locations that do not have suitable window space a studio light with soft box could be used in its place.  The use of the travel pillow / beanbag will  minimize discomfort and aid in the positioning of the baby.

the following links contain some useful tips & tricks

according to most of the websites I’ve looked at,  it appears that the best time to do a newborn shoot is generally before the baby is 14 days old.

Others factors mentioned frequently are;

keep the house warm. feed the baby prior to the shoot, loosen nappy & tight clothing at least 30 mins before the shoot

New Born Shoot

I’ve been asked to do a new born shoot at the end of the month.

However, I haven’t actually haven’t done these kind of shoots before & I was a bit wary about taking on the job, but after explaining this to the parents that they still wanted me to go ahead with the shoot.

Growing up i was a massive fan of Anne Geddes and collected lots of her Images.  i’d  never Imagined that one day i’d become a photographer myself and have the chance to do something similar, so i’m mega exited to be given the opportunity to do this shoot.

but as exited as i may be, I’m also very scared and nervous. i’ll need to do a LOT of research and preparation.

So, seeing as i will being doing so much research into this, i thought it makes sense to document the progress.

Therefore i’ve added an extra category  titled “Newborn” where i will add all my research and other relevant bits and pieces and perhaps if things go well i can merge it into one of the 1-5 project categories once its completed.

busy times ahead but it’s gona be worth it i’m sure =]

Until next time

Syl x