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Bipp Award

The Bipp Student Awards (scottish region)  is an annual awards ceremony held by the British institute of professional Photographers.

the student awards consist of the following categories

a) Social & Portraiture

b) Advertising & fashion

c) Photojournalism

d) Open – anything not covered by the previous 3 categories




Here are a selection of  my choices for entry to the Bipp awards.



Sylvia Shek 5.

This image would be intended for submission into the Open category.

I think it will make a good choice for submission as it shows creativity and originality.

This Image consists of a range of mixed media and photo editing techniques combined together to create the final Image,




Sylvia Shek 2.

This image is intended for the social / portraiture category.

The reason i have chosen this Image is because  Vogue Italia has selected it to be published on their website

The idea for this image was to create a predominately dark image with the theme dark angel, this is the 4th image in a series titled “fallen angel” the image has a strong narrative and aesthetically i feel is technically strong.





This Image was inspired by the the concept of ‘the Undead’ .. i chose this image because i feel that the contrast between the light textured background and the gothic grudge like figure works well together.

if submitted i think it would fit into the social / portraiture category.




The concept behind this image was the idea of insanity / out of body experiences.   by using a shutter drag technique i created what looks to be like an out of body experience .

this Image would be submitted into the social / portraiture  category.



Sylvia Shek 8.

This image was influence by a futuristic sci fi concept . i think this would be suitable for the social and portraiture section.



Sylvia Shek 3.

The is image is the 1st image in a series titled “fallen angel”  the concept of the shoot was about  An angel who lost her wings after being banished from the heavens,



my final choice for Submission is image no 2 as i feel that it is the stingiest of them all and carries the best aethstetics,





LPA Student Challenges – Challenge No 3

The challenge ;

Submit a folio of 10 images along with a 50 word description on why you are the one to watch

The reason i chose the following 10 images was because i feel that they represent my style the best.

I wanted to show off a range of conceptual ideas and creative and techniques whilst at the same time making sure that the combined 10 images worked well next to each other

Image selection:

Image 1. – Insanity

Shutter drag with a rear curtain sync flash

Sylvia Shek 1.

The idea behind this shot  was to create an an image for an advertising campaign about mental illnesses.  i wanted to create a feeling of insanity. with the shutter drag effect i was able to create the effect of the 2 heads mixing into one which i felt portrayed the term insanity quite well.

Image 2. – Dark Angel

Sylvia Shek 2.

With this shot the idea was to create a predominately dark image with the theme dark angel, this is the 4th image in a series titled  “fallen angel”

Image 3. – broken Wings

Sylvia Shek 3.

This is the 2nd image in the ‘Fallen angel’ series.

Image 4. – Floating

Sylvia Shek 4.

for this shot i wanted to create an image  that was predominately white. this image is a composite of 5 separate images

Image 5. – Ripped paper

Sylvia Shek 5.for this image i wanted to cross the boundaries of art and photography and mix illustrations and mixed media with photographs

Image 6 – Light painting

Sylvia Shek 6.

for this image i used a light painting technique to illuminate the model creating an eeirie futuristic effect

Image 7. – Take me home

Sylvia Shek 7.

this is the 3rd image in the fallen angel seriese The idea behind this image was  an an angel had lost her wings and was attempting to use helium balloons  in order to help her return to heaven

Image 8. – Futuristic

Sylvia Shek 8.

The idea behind this shot was to create an image suitable for fictional sci fi book cover

Image 9. – Crossed Processs

Sylvia Shek 9.

This shot was taken to advertise an alternative fashion brand, i used a crossed processing effect to emphasise the alternative grungy appearance.

Image 10. – Shutter drag with a rear curtain sync flash

Sylvia Shek 10.

for this shot i used a shutter drag to capture movement and create a ghostly effect

All Images © Sylvia Shek  All Rights Reserved

50 words description on why I am the one to watch:

Images I produce are eye catching and thought provoking allowing me the opportunity to explore my creativity and imagination.
by using a wide range of creative techniques and mixing conceptual ideas with mixed mediums,  I constantly strive  to develop a unique individuality which crosses the boundaries of art and photography

LPA Student Challenges – Challenge No2

The Challenge – submit an Image on the theme “New Year.”

Deadline – 16th Decemeber.


What is New Year?

On the old Roman calendar, March 15 was the day which began the new year. The March date had basically been considered the beginning of spring, a logical time to begin a new year. But for political and military reasons, January 1, 153 B.C. became the day to observe the beginning of the new year. From then on, the Roman year began on January first, and has continued until this day. –

Associated with new year

New Beginnings –  A clean slate. The opportunity to start over. The chance to do better. It’s here! The start of a new year gives all of us the wonderful new possibility of making a positive change in our lives. In reality we can make a fresh start at anytime of the year, but we tend to realize this more at the beginning of a new year.- New hope now

New years Eve (Hogmany)  – The evening of Dec 31, often celebrated with parties – Collins dictionary. New Year’s Eve is celebrated because it signifies the end of twelve months in a person’s life. During this day, people reflect on the good and the bad of the year that’s just passed, and make choices and resolutions for the coming year. The anticipation for New Year’s Day also gets people in the mood to celebrate.- uk

CalendarsA calendar is a chart or device which displays the date and the day of the week, and often the whole of a particular year. – Collins dictionary

FireworksNoise making and fireworks on New Year’s eve is believed to have originated in ancient times, when noise and fire were thought to dispel evil spirits and bring good luck. The Chinese are credited with inventing fireworks and use them to spectacular effect in their New Year’s celebrations. –

The Bells / strike of midnight / countdown to midnight – It is traditional to stay up and see the old year out. Its exit is usually noisy. All over Britain there are parties, fireworks, singing and dancing, to ring out the old year and ring in the new. – Project Britian

Auld lang syne Immediately after midnight it is traditional to sing Robert Burns’ “For Auld Lang Syne”.  –  Rampant Scotland

Friends / Family – It is traditional to greet the New Year at midnight and then celebrate at least the first few minutes in the company of friends and family. – Around the world

Parties / Alcohol – Many people see the old year out with a party, welcoming in the New Year with toasts of champagne, and exchanging good wishes for a ‘Happy New Year’. In Scotland, New Year’s Eve is celebrated with much drinking and revelry as Hogmany, which traditionally lasts for a day or more into the New Year. – Project Britian

 New Years resolutions a promise to yourself or decision to do something, especially to improve one’s behaviour or lifestyle in some way, during the year ahead – Collins dictonary .

according to the daily mail the top 10 new years resolutions for 2012 were

1.    Lose weight

2.    Get fit

3.    Eat more healthily

4.    Save money/spend less

5.    Get a new job

6.    Spend more time with people who matter

7.    Try new experiences

8.    Get out of a rut

9.    Visit a country you’ve never been to

10.  Read more

source –

I intend to approach this project from a more conceptual point of view, symbolising the new year with new beginnings / fresh start.

In the background of the frame i will have  a bright and airy window / french doors with a figure looking outwards symbolising looking out/forward to a brighter day / future.

Examples of someone standing at the window:

window figure 1Image source – Think Stock

window figure 2Image source – Asia Images group

I will use a shallow Dof to throw this background out of focus bringing the viewers attention to the  foreground of the image

The focal point of my image will be a  calendar  in the foreground of the frame displaying the month of December. The calendar will have all the dates crossed off in red leaving the final box unmarked,   this will   imply that the date is the 31st (hogmanay)

Calendar Example –

calendar 1Image source – 123rf

Template-December-2013-CalendarImage Source – Free Printable Calendar. net

I aim for the image to be bright and airy throughout giving a dream like effect. similar to the image below.


Image Source – sigmaphoto

Image submission:

graham 1onlineImage © Sylvia Shek

For this image I decided to have the crumpled calendar placed in the waste paper basket,  this  was to emphasise the fact that the year has come to an end and therefore the calendar has been thrown away, symbolising  “out with the old in with the new” . The french doors  signify the tradition of opening doors  to let in good luck and the  the warm colour pallete  combined with  the bright airy high key tones  are significant to emphisise bright / new beginnings . The figure looking out of the window signifies looking out to a brighter future. I emphasised this element by adding a sunlight flare in the direction that the figure is looking towards.