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Finished Results

And here are the final Images

After a lot of careful consideration I’ve managed to narrow it down to the following 4 Layout/combinations-

  • A


  • B

Blog B

  • C


  • D


Ideally i’d love to be able to use all four, however unfortunately I can only submit 3, and since B & C are Very similar  it makes sense to drop one of those.

Out of both  of these sets i think that C is the stronger  image so my final decision for submission is A, C & D

Overall this has been  a fun project albeit  slightly stressful at the best of times lol.

despite all the setbacks I feel that I have managed to achieve   the carefree, fun loving  attitude of the  youngsters that i set out to do using  the more  urban city life and angled view points  that Diesel kids campaigns portray in the sample images below.


Image sources –



Now to fire on with project 3…

Syl x


Image selection

After Editing through the images from the shoot i’ve decided that the following selection  work well in emphasising the young carefree attitude which i was trying to achieve.

from this selection i will need to choose which ones to include for submission.


Image © Sylvia Shek


Image © Sylvia Shek

i’ve decided i want the final images to be diptychs or triptychs so i need to choose images that will complement each other and fit together on the same canvas.

Too Much Too Young

As mentioned before I don’t really agree with children being styled / dressed to look older than what they really are.

and this morning i  stumbled across this article Too Much Too Young

in the article the 16 year old Kylie Jenner is dressed in a very revealing dress.

kylie jenner

Image  Source –  Mail Online

I think its quite scary that some young girls  want to grow up so quickly, and will actually  dress in such revealing outfits exploiting themselves.

sunshine after the rain

After a very wet and dreary weekend I’m happy to announce the sun came out this morning and the shoot went ahead as planned, I guess it really was third time lucky =].

now to get down to the nitty gritty stuff and start the editing process.

Images to follow soon…. watch this space

untill next time



Now that the location has been decided its time to decide on the styling.

I don’t really agree with children being styled / dressed to look older than what they really are and i believe that the shoot should emphisise the youthfulness and carefree attitude of youngsters.  Therefore any clothing that is chosen shall not be too revealing & the models will be bare faced.

Since its been quite some time since i was a teen, i thought it would be a good idea to get some ideas from the actual teens on what is stylish and trendy for their age group. this will give a more accurate outcome than if i was to style them myself.

suitable choices are,

baseball tops paired with jeans, or leggings and trainers.

Midi Dresses, teamed with trainers, (as an adult i wouldn’t have teamed a midi dress with a pair of trainers so this is where the teen advice comes in handy!! )

Jumpers,  shorts over a pair of  leggings / tights  & trainers

Leather Jackets.

based on these ideas i have decided on 2 outfits .

Baseball tops teamed with jeans and trainers

and jumpers, jeans with hats & scarfs.

I intend on shooting the baseball top outfits first as this will mean that they will end the day wearing the warmer outfits as opposed to having to remove layers.

starting to get exited again, roll on tomorrow !! ( fingers crossed )

3rd time lucky??

I’ve been very lucky to have been able to replace the models for this shoot so quickly, so today i went hunting for a new location. This time it is 2 teen girls that have been arranged so therefore i  felt  that images of  them shopping / having fun in some street, urban type of location would look quite good.  after walking around town for a while i came across the following location


I think this location will work quite well with the shoot. there are various aspects that make very interesting backdrops & some nice shapes to work with.

I have the shoot scheduled for tomorrow and things are a bit rushed but fingers crossed that this time it will go ahead as planned.


Model mayhem………

This project is proving to be quite a challenge …
Unfortunately the tween boys that were supposed model have had to cancel on me.
Luckily I’ve managed to replace one of the models already and hopefully I’ll manage to replace the other one soon too .
however now there’s a couple of minor issues.
The first being that the replacement model is a girl.
And the second being that she is in Edinburgh.
This means that once again It’s back to the drawing board to plan styling and hunt a new location.
No rest for the wicked eh….

Syl x