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Alter Egos

This next project will be be a fashion shoot based on the concept of alter egos.

The idea is to create a set of fashion Images which will show the model and their alter ego  interacting with each other.

The clothing / styling for the main subject will be current high street trends  and the alter ego will be styled dramatically according to what the alter ego character may be.



Fig 2.


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An alter ego is typically  a second self which is believed to be completely different from ones normal self.

quite often a  persons alter ego can be a fictional character who’s actions, speech  characteristics may be extreme & highly exaggerated.

examples of this are:

Barry Humphries – whom is better known as his alternate self  Dame Edna.

Fig 3.


And Sacha Baron Cohen – who is better known as his alter ego Ali G, but yet at the same time also has several other alter egos such as Borat & Bruno

Fig. 4


 Fig 3 & 4 – Image source –

I intend to work closely with the models involved and incorporate some of their personalities into the images discussing what their alter ego may be and working out solutions to incorporate these factors into the shoot.

Initial shot ideas:

alter ego & the “normal self” fighting.

playing board games with each other.

geeky college student vs diva model

stylish youthful girl vs Stern business woman

crazy bunny boiler / killer  vs normal person