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This Outfit is for shot 1   the reason i chose white for this shot was because i assumed that if an angel had Just fallen from the skies then she logically would be wearing white. 20140107-175110.jpg

This outfit will be paired with the following white accessories


feathers will be placed on the floor and in the angels hands to mimic the angels lost/broken wings


for shot 2 i opted for a short  Black dress….


In this shot the angel will be bare footed and will have Helium balloons attached to her.

I’ve ordered balloons which will be collected on the morning of the shoot.


The 3rd outfit

the make up for this shot will be very dark, extreme and gothic like .




by this stage the angel has embraced the dark side and has developed black wings



the black balloons  may be used in shot 2 /3

20140107-174326.jpgI also have white balloons which may be used in shot 1



additionally i have black & white  voile curtains which will be used as backdrops


Swan Lake

loving his image by Dmitry G Pavlov,  it’s very similar to what i aim to achieve from my shoot ,

Swan Lake – Photographed by Dmitry G Pavlov

swan lake - dmitry g pavlov - institute magazine

Image source –

Quite like the idea of using paper lashes like these

paper lashesImage source –

Initial shot ideas.

The idea of the shoot will be that  an angel has been cast out of heaven and fallen to earth. unhappy with this she makes attempts to get back up to heaven, before finally coming to terms with the situation and   embracing the dark side.

Initial shot ideas;

Shot 1 :

Angel  on the ground crying ( looking upwards?),  with her  broken wings on the ground / feathers in her hands / around her. – dressed in  dirty white / grey – snooted lighting for dramatic effect ?

axe-angel--large-msg-118539253996Image source ––large-msg-118539253996.jpg


Image Source –,550×550,075,f.jpg


Image Source –

shot 2:

The angel, with balloons tied to her in place of her wings  in an attempt to float back up to heaven,


Image source –


Image Source –


Image Source –

 Shot 3 :

The Angel, having  fully Embraced the darkside is dressed fully  in Black / black wings  – dark makeup.

********************* To Be Cont *************************

Fallen Angel

This next project  will be a   dark themed  shoot based loosely on Paolo Roversi‘s  “a white story”


Roversi 2

roversi 1

Images  © Paolo Roversi – Vogue Itallia

drawing inspiration from the  the above Predominately white on white Images i  intend to create a set of  predominately Dark on Dark  images drawing inspiration from the  ” Dark Angel / Fallen Angel ” mythology and dark  gothic style fashion.

fallen angel anne menke

Fallen Angel – Anne Menke

Image Source –


Image Source –


Image Source –


Image source –