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Finished results

so finally here’s the end  results of project 1.


Images © Sylvia Shek

Overall i’m really happy with the result. its not exactly what i’d anticipated it to look like  when i started the project, but i guess thats where the research & development comes in.

it’s been a fun project to work on despite being rather stressful at times, and i’m kind of sad that its all over now.

now to start the research on project 2. =]



After a very sleepless night and lots of brain storming I have finally found a solution to my illustration issues.
The solution is to process the image in Photoshop to create an illustrated stamp effect and then photo copy it onto plain paper.
The result will look like this.


Image © Sylvia Shek

I think aesthetically this will work a lot better.


Been working on the illustrations and some prints to see how everything will go together.
This was the illustration and image I wanted to combine with the ripped paper effect


Image © Sylvia Shek

After selectively ripping parts of the photographic image I set to work sticking the pieces on to a blank canvas and adding the illustration.  I  then scanned the image into  the computer to do some minor re-touching and added some textures.
This is the outcome

20131004-230101.jpgImage © Sylvia Shek

After completing this first image I set to work on a second one

20131004-230535.jpgImage © Sylvia Shek

On completing this image and having a good look at them side by side. I’m realising that although the idea and effect that I wanted is there, somehow I feel that the overall aesthetics aren’t looking as good as I had hoped.
I think the problem may be with my illustrations looking too amateur and child like.

Needing to think of how I can rectify this situation.

Image Selection

after looking through the images i have decided to use these 5 shots as the basis of my images.


Image © Sylvia Shek

i think these 5 images will work quite well with the illustration & ripped paper effects that i want to add.

Lights, Camera,……..Evacuation.

So today was the day of the big shoot!

working together with a great Mua Natalie Ryan and the lovely Anwen from superior model management we set to work on getting the shots needed for basis of the project.

In true fashion, the day did not go without any hiccups.

A  fellow peer in the adjacent studio was using smoke bombs for a shoot & it inevitably set of the smoke alarms causing the whole  campus to be evacuated.  admittedly this was rather worrying, as at the time i hadn’t shot any images yet and i started to worry that i wouldn’t have enough time to get all the shots i needed.

Luckily, it didn’t take long for the Fire brigade to arrive & have the alarms switched off  and pretty soon we were back on track and shooting away.

over all I think the shoot went really well and I’m confident that i have a good amount of Images to work with.


Found 2 dresses that I think will work very well with the shoot.


The black & white patterns on this will work nice against some brightly coloured texture


This dress will really suit the model and also goes very nicely with the makeup styling.
With this dress I will have the models hair tied up into a ponytail.

Studio is booked for Wednesday. MUA & Model all set…
Can’t wait =]

Make up

been looking into make up ideas and based on  the models looks & skin tone have decided on some orange / golden tones similar to the image below.


Image source –

will possibly team this up with an orange lip colour